Bill Cosby is not dead – Right

On Sunday, as my wife was on the Internet she told me that she had seen online where people were claiming that Bill Cosby had passed away.

Me, being the skeptic that I am, immediately jumped on-line and started scanning the listings from a Google search about Bill Cosby is dead. I know when I hear terrible news like this coming only from on-line sources, that it might be a hoax. Consider my posting about the hoax of Johnny Depp dying in a car crash The hackers seem to create their own news when none exists.

With the Bill Cosby news (or none news), I found that a number of people used Twitter to spread the news, which got some buzz going. People were blogging about and comments were posted like: “I’ll miss him.” which just drives the Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzz through the roof.

As I’ve said before, cybercriminals know the game maybe better than most of us – and they play it well.

As far as the websites that were first reporting on this, one of them was another CNN look-a-like similar to the Johnny Depp scenario. Only this time the website itself was attempting a drive-by infection. At times the drive-by seemed to be seeking Internet Explorer 6 visitors. Other times during the day it was just redirecting to various infectious websites where the mother-lode of of infection code was hiding.

The only safe way to check out any “news stories” you hear about is to go directly to your favorite news website and search for the item of interest. That way, you’re limiting your exposure.

Just thought you’d like to know…