Our business is a painkiller, not a vitamin.

I recently read an article on entrepreneur.com that asked the question, “Is your product a vitamin, or a painkiller?”

It got me thinking about the thousands of website owners we’ve talked with over the years of removing website malware.

We’ve been told, “You’re a saint!”, “You’re so awesome!”, “I love you for fixing this.” “You’re a genius!” and many other compliments.

You see, rarely do people “want” our service – until they need it. Then, it becomes a must have – immediately.

It appears that most website owners don’t believe they’re on the radar of today’s cyber criminals. They believe that hackers focus more on companies like Target and other high profile websites.

We get asked, “what do they want with my little website?”

I remember years ago, there was a book, “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert Allen. In that book he describes the need to create multiple streams of income so that you slowly, but purposefully, build your net worth. This strategy protects you from the “all your eggs in one basket” disaster.

Hackers (cyber criminals), use this same strategy. A report from a few years ago by Symantec showed that hackers can make up to $1,000 per computer they infect. I believe this number might be a little high now as the cyber criminal world has increased in members, but it must still be relatively accurate.

Websites are at or very near the 1 billion mark. This creates various opportunities for cyber criminals. They can infect a 1,000 or websites in a week (yes they can!) and use 250 to try and infect the computer of anyone visiting those sites. The next 250 websites out of that 1,000, can be used for a phishing campaign that steals the banking login credentials of unsuspecting people. The remaining 500 websites can be sold to another cyber criminal who wishes to send out spam emails that lead people to the phishing based websites.

Ah, all in a days work!

Hackers have many ways to use your website – for their nefarious purposes.

When it happens, people call us to remove the pain. We become their painkiller.

The pain they encounter includes:

  • Loss of search engine rankings
  • Complaints from visitors
  • A sense of being violated

Website owners want and need our services at that point. Then we become their painkiller. Not a vitamin.

Thank you for reading.