Fake iTunes cards – next cybercriminal profit center

What if you were offered a $200 iTunes card for less than $5?

How about for $2.60?

Would you buy it?

Apparently cybercriminals based in China have cracked the algorithm used by Apple to generate legitimate iTune cards. This along with their stolen credit card data has become yet another revenue stream for the cyber-criminals.

What’s really amazing is that you can’t even buy a $200 gift card from Apple. Their denominations are: $15, $25 and $50.

This story originally broke here: and a little investigation on our part revealed some interesting sites.

We’ve seen some “middle men” insert themselves in this tangled web of deceit. They actually buy the numbers from the original cybercriminals and then resell them to people they know, thus creating a wholesale/distributor type of business. Talk about an affiliate program that pays big dollars!

Some people are offering cards on various auction type websites. (I’m not mentioning any names but one of them rhymes with prepay)

Please know that buying and using these cards is illegal. We’re posting this so you know NOT to buy them and think they’re legit – they’re not.

What will they think of next?

I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll see it soon.