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Pain and Pleasure Principle in Marketing

One of the most revolutionary theories of Sigmund Freud is the Pleasure Principle. While it encompasses both pain and pleasure, it is most typically referred to as the Pleasure Principle. Read further to discover why it should be called the Pain Principle. Decisions based on Pain Every decision you make is guided by, if not […]

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Malware Derails Your SEO

How malware derails your SEO work. You’ve done SEO work. You know it’s not easy, whether or not it’s effective, it’s a tough job. I know. I’ve tried it. I can’t do it. I can write code in Python, PHP, javascript, C++, Phoenix/Elixir, but I can’t do SEO. In working with many SEO experts, it’s […]

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Recent ionCube look-a-like infections

Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing more website malware that’s disguised to look like legitimate files. This recent strain has been made to look like ionCube obfuscated files. At first look, even the online ionCube decoders are fooled too. They see the basic layout of the file, look for some specific string of […]

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