Website Malware Removal

We’ve removed website malware from over 2.9┬ámillion websites. Our methods are innovative and automated. That makes our service your best value in price, efficiency and accuracy.

Your websites will be covered by our all inclusive fee structure. No limits on the number of “pages”. No need to enter a ticket to have malware removed – it’s all automatic.

Website file monitoring

Our innovative methods only require an average of 4 seconds to check your website files for any changes or additions. Any files that have been changed or modified get scanned by our leading edge technology which finds more malicious code than any other service.

You can begin with our free service and then upgrade to our paid service if your website is infected with malicious code.

Website protection

Have your websites protected by a customized security strategy. Don’t settle for a “blanket” offering of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) when you can have better security and spend less money. A real understanding of website technology and how cybercriminals work lead us to an offering that can’t be matched – and it’s included in our fees. No upsell pressure here.

Root Cause Analysis

If your website has ever been infected, you want to know “how” it happened. This sets our service at the top. We provide you with real proof of how your site was infected. Was it a faulty plugin? Outdated software?

We’ve invested the time required to create a system that will determine how your site was infected – and then we inform you. This along with steps you need to take to help us – help you keep your website safe and secure.

Has your website been victimized by cyber criminals?

Browse through our site. In creating the content for this site, we wanted you to know that you don’t have to pay high prices for quality website malware removal services. Check us out, you’ll find we are the best choice for your website security needs.

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Website malware removal

We don't just rely on malware signatures that change every hour. Our in-depth process goes beyond 360 degrees. We check inside the circle and outside the box.

Website File Integrity Monitoring

Our innovative methods means that your files will be monitored and unlike plugins or other methods, our service place no burden on your website resources.

Website Protection

Our simple yet highly effective security strategies are what give us a .047% re-infection rate. Much better than firewalls.

Root Cause Determination

You'll want to know how your website was infected. Don't settle for a generic response. Get actual details of how your site was infected - otherwise, how do you know if you're website is secure?