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Our innovation brings you truly affordable website malware removal, file integrity monitoring, website security and log file analysis

Website malware removal

Due to the multiple layers of scanning our service provides, you can rest assured that your websites will be as malware free as possible.

Website file integrity monitoring

If you’re not monitoring for file changes, how will you know if there is a new strain of website malware? We’ll know…

Website security

Malware removal and file monitoring are necessary, but our first line of prevention is superior! Our prevention is not based on, “what’s the latest exploit”, but rather good, sound, security principles.

Log file analysis

Quite unique in website security is our log file analysis. This provides us with information “as-it-happens” and also provides us with root cause analysis – how did your website get infected with malware?

Easy & Simple – Nothing for you to install!!

Our service is all setup, installed and configured by us. There is nothing for you to do but provide us with your information.

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If you’re like most website owners or developers, you probably think this will never happen to you. However, would you rather be pro-active? Or reactive?


We use many different methods to positively identify malicious code - and remove it


We monitor your files for any changes. Any file that's been added or modified is analyzed to positively identify if it's safe or malicious


By using sound, safe methods, we can protect your site from repeat infections


Our processes analyze your log files. We know how 'it' happened and what needs to be done to prevent from happening again...and again...