Why select us for your website security needs?

These resources are obviously our multitude of servers. Just so you know…

Our technologies

We’ve written all of our own programs. This was after removing malware from over 20,000 websites manually. Before a process can be automated you have to know all the steps required to successfully complete the task.


Security experts agree that in order to have complete security, monitoring is a “must – have” service. Our website file monitoring service doesn’t rely on slow “old technology”. We use methods that enable us to check a typical website in under 4 seconds (1,900 files). This allows us to repeatedly check your site without any additional load on your website’s functionality.


Our strategies

When your website has been victimized by cyber criminals – it hurts. You feel personally victimized. We understand that.


This is precisely why our pricing is so low. I think you’ll agree that to pay predatory pricing for website malware removal services, victimizes you all over again.


Predatory pricing is used by others in our industry because they know your website is important to you and you’ll pay whatever they ask. Our pricing is based on what we need to stay in business and continue our services.


Our service

Our services are designed to provide you with the best website security service at the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.


It’s our burden but one we decided to accept in order to help you in this difficult time.


We want to truly bring affordable, effective website security to every website owner. It’s why we don’t have an affiliate program. We don’t have a reseller program. We don’t have sales people.


Every level of those people and programs want to be paid. You’re not getting any better service – but you would be paying more.


Our Skills & Expertise

As of 1/15/2017 we have removed malware from 2,529,211 websites.


Our service finds malware that others in our industry don’t! We hear this all the time from customers, “I used 3 other services and my site continually gets infected over and over again”.


We run our scans and analysis and positively determine that malware has been on that site for almost a year. None of the other services found it.


Our service provides you with something extremely unique in our industry – root cause analysis. Don’t settle for the generic, “change all your passwords, update all your scripts and run a good anti-virus program on your local computer”.


However, that is exactly what you’ll get from the “predatory pricing” services.


This is taken from an actual email a new customer received from their previous website security company:


Given this security breach, we recommend you change all necessary passwords associated with your website (i.e., hosting provider, WordPress, etc.) and upgrade all outdated applications and/or plug-ins ASAP.


Either the previous company didn’t know how the site was infected, or they know but they don’t want you to know. Whatever the reason, is that what you want to pay extra money for?


It’s like taking your vehicle in because it’s not running smoothly and the mechanic tells you, “In order to be certain we cover all bases, we’ll rebuild the engine, put new tires on, new brakes and rebuild the transimission.”


Not only will you have paid more money than you should have, you don’t get the positive identification of how your site was infected, unless you’re one of our customers.

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