Answers to questions you may have

What does your service do?

We remove malware (malicious software) from websites. We also find potential points of entry, how cybercriminals infected your site and other possible vulnerabilities.

We also monitor your files for any changes. Any file that’s added or changed gets copied to our servers and scanned and analyzed. If it’s infected, we remove the infection and then focus on root cause (how did it happen?)

Our service adds layers of protection to your websites that’s customized depending on what platform you’re using (ie., WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.).

Other companies talk about their manual inspection, why don't you?

The average website we service has about 1,900 files. If you were to manually review 1,900 files, for just a single website, how accurate do you think you’d be?

Also, if manual review was so accurate and so much better, why aren’t companies like Avast, Norton, Trend Micro and others using manual review to scan your local computers?

The problem is that other companies in our industry don’t know how to automate the process of website malware identification and removal. You’ll be told that no automated system is 100% fool-proof. Yet you’re supposed to believe that manual processes are? Really?

Our system is designed to be constantly updated. Constantly. We don’t just use one method to positively identify website malware. We use signature based identification. Anomaly detection and behavior analysis. Can manual methods compete with that?

How much does your service cost?

Our services are $39.95 per year for a shared hosting account and $199.95 for all websites on a VPS or Dedicated server. We also have a free monitoring and notification offer. Each of our paid plans includes all the websites on that account and include: malware removal, root cause determination, protection and monitoring (intrusion detection).

We keep it simple. No upsell fees. No add-ons. No “oh, if you want all your files scanned you have to buy this plan…” We give you all we have for one low fee. And our plans cover your websites for one FULL YEAR.

Most of our processes are automated so we decided not to charge as much as we thought you would pay, but we charge what we need to stay in business and make a reasonable profit.

How long does it take to remove the malware from my website?

We hear this question all the time. The direct answer is – we don’t know. It all depends on how many files are on your hosting account. We do a very thorough job of seeking out ALL the malware on your hosting account. Not just what someone else found.

In order to do that we begin by copying all your files to our servers. There, all of our scanning and analyzing processes work on your files both individually and collectively to not only find and remove ALL malware, but also to determine how your website was infected. Our processes also work to determine all possible ways that your website could be infected. This is information you want to know and we pride ourselves on providing that to you.

What makes your service different from...?

One of the main benefits of using our service is that we work hard to determine how your website was infected.

It’s called “root cause determination” and it’s critical to keeping your website malware free in the future.

Frequently we get emails or phone calls from people who have had numerous repeat infections. They can’t seem to get it to stop. When asked how it happened in the first place, the response is usually, “I have no idea!”

Unless you know what was the original point of entry and then told all the other potential points of entry, you’ll never be able to be at peace. If you know how the hackers got in, and the various other potential points of entry, and you know they’ve been closed, then you can rest knowing that your sites are safe.

Usually people receive an email with something generic like, “Update all your software and plugins, change all your passwords and run a good anti-virus program on your local computer.” While that might cover almost everything, unless you know specifically how your website was infected, you don’t know specifically what you should do to keep it from happening again.

Why are your fees so much lower than anyone else's?

This company was formed with the main intention of truly bringing cost-effective, incredibly accurate website security to market. In order to fulfill this goal we had to automate our processes as much as possible without losing any accuracy.

We also decided to do what’s right and not necessarily what’s going to generate the most revenue. Instead of pricing our service as “what the market will bear” we decided to set our fees from the ground up. We took our costs, added a reasonable mark-up and set our prices accordingly.

This is why we include all the websites on a single hosting account in our pricing. We don’t charge per page, per website or any other “standard” pricing schemes.

It must be working. As of March 1, 2016, we have serviced 1,901,517 websites. Yes, over 1.9 million sites.

Why should I trust you?

Very good question. We do need to login to your hosting account, or you can create an FTP account for us, check your most recent control panel logins, check for cron jobs and make certain the log files are activated. However, our system is so automated that if your hosting account is using cPanel, we can do all this, scan your files, clean them if necessary, perform our root cause analysis and add our security protection to your sites all hands-free! Yes, you do have to trust us. Ask yourself who recommended us? Do you trust them? They must have trusted us at some point. If you have further doubts, please give us a call (847)469-8713.

Can I pay monthly?

We’re sorry, but we don’t accept monthly payments. We used to, however, too many people would sign-up for monthly installments, pay once or twice and then cancel. Most of our work is in the very beginning of the process. We had performed all of our work, yet we had to settle for one or two payments. That was not fair and we were going to raise our prices to cover our losses, however, in our constant focus to keep our prices down so it’s affordable for everyone, we eliminated the monthly payment plans. Typically, if you’re paying with either a credit card or PayPal, you can make installment payments to them. They’re better suited to handle that situation.