Free website monitoring

Why we do, what we do for you

Why give it away?

We Watch Your Website was created to help level the playing field between you the website owner/developer and the ever changing world of cyber criminals.

We realize your site may not have been victimized by cyber criminals yet. Maybe it won’t ever. Why pay for a service you don’t need?

One of the great Internet influencers on growing your business is Neil Patel. One of his concepts is to give away information to potential customers. We took it one step further and decided to give away a free service – website file monitoring.

Innovation resultsĀ in our freemium service

Obviously in offering a free website file monitoring service we had to make certain that it would not consume large amounts of our time. We had to fully automate the process. Fortunately we’re extremely innovative.

Our innovation results in offering a very valuable freemium service.

We call it Freemium because it is a premium free service. We’re offering to monitor your website files once every 4 hours for free. If during the course of our monitoring, we find any malicious code, we’ll notify you and up to 3 other people on your team. At that point it’s totally your decision to upgrade to our paid service so we can remove the malware and determine how it happened.

What’s in it for us?

Most often we hear from new customers, “if I had known about you before my website was infected I would have signed-up long ago”.

Our Freemium offering is a chance for us to meet and get to know each other. With our service scanning your website files every 4 hours, we should be the first people to notify you if your website has been infected with malware.

At that point, if you want us to remove the malware AND tell you how it happened AND help you protect your website, you can decide to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

That’s how we earn our income. However, you get a free monitoring and notification system until that time comes – if it comes. Still an extremely valuable service.

We do what we do, so you can go do what you do

Our value proposition for our Freemium Service is this, “We’ll watch your website files for free so you can get back to doing what you do.”

If you’re a writer or marketer, or SEO specialist, or mommy blogger, or business owner, or a virtual assistant, imagine not having to worry about your website getting infected and not knowing about it.

If you want your files automatically cleaned of all malware if your site does become infected, then you sign-up for our paid service. Our plans cover all the websites on that hosting account – no extra fees.