Making your life better

Why we do, what we do for you

We can’t increase your income or send you more visitors

What we can do is help you preserve what you already have. We can make your life better by easing your worries about cyber criminals.


Many of our customers tell us they feel victimized after their website has been infected with malware. They spend hours each week worrying about their website.


You can leave that to us. We’ll worry about the security of your website. What works today may not be as effective tomorrow. Our processes and procedures are constantly changing to meet the demands of the criminal element online.


We can’t provide you with more visitors or create more sales for you, but we can let you focus on the important aspects of your website.

Innovation results in a better offering

Finding and removing website malware is not rocket science. It’s not easy, but it’s not that difficult either.


With our innovative procedures, we can have more of the tasks automated and therefore offer you lower pricing with better service and accuracy.


Some of the people in our industry tell you that they have a team of security experts who manually review your files. The average WordPress website has about 1,900 files. How effective would you be in manually searching through 1,900 files looking for something that looks out of place?


Our automated procedures don’t get tired. Their eyes don’t start to see double after a 100 files. This automation not only results in lower costs, but also is vastly superior to manual review and detection.

No pressure marketing

We know funds are tight. You probably don’t want more than what you need. That’s exactly what we offer you. No hassle. No pressure service. No upsells. Nobody with a title of “Security Consultant” cleverly disguised as a salesperson.


If you want just monitoring service – we offer that at no charge. Our system will tell you if and when your website has fallen victim to website malware. Then it’s your option to sign-up for our paid service or to handle it yourself – no pressure. No upselling to another level “that you must buy in order to get your site malware-free”.

We do what we do, so you can go do what you do

Our value proposition is simple: we’ll use our automated, precision based, accurate, thorough processes to ease your mind about website security.


With that major technical issue handled, you can rest easy and get back to doing what you do.


You’ll agree that is making your life better.