Website File Integrity Monitoring

Why we do, what we do for you

Why is it necessary?

We Watch Your Website invests hours and hours each day to keep up with the activity and strategies of today’s cyber criminals.

We don’t operate in a “dog chasing it’s tail” environment. We have to think about what their next move is. It’s not something we blog about because quite frankly, we don’t want the whole world knowing.

Even with all of this time and effort, we need to see what they’re doing – right now!

That’s where Website File Integrity Monitoring comes in. This is something you definitely need in order to know your websites are safe and secure.

Innovation results in our superior service

When we were creating our website file integrity monitoring system, we didn’t look at what was available – because nobody else was doing it at the time.

Our service had to meet certain criteria:

  1. It had to be fast so we could check your files every 4 hours
  2. It had to be “light-weight” so it wouldn’t consume large amounts of resources on your website
  3. It had to be highly accurate so we wouldn’t miss any file additions or modifications

Our process meets all of these goals and works extremely well.

How our process is superior

Our file integrity monitoring is different than others.

Many others use “hashes” as their basis – we don’t.

A hash is a single string that incorporates enough information about a piece of data to uniquely identify it.

For instance, a file hash might include the name of the file, the date/time stamp and the file size. This would be generated for each file on your website. Then when the check is performed, that hash is compared to what it was previously to see if it’s the same – meaning no changes, or different – meaning one of the pieces of data used to create the hash has changed.

This is the generally accepted method for file integrity monitoring.

We stepped outside the generally accepted methods and created our own method. Our system is much faster and gives us more detail – such as, which piece of data about a file changed. This assists us in our root cause analysis and determination.

By redefining this process, we can boast about our process only requiring less than 4 seconds of time on your website. Compare that to some of the WordPress plugins that claim you have to schedule your scanning and file monitoring for “off-hours”.


Because those plugins use your website system resources to create these hashes and run the comparison. That’s a heavy load on your website’s resources. Our process is run “in the cloud” if you want to think about it that way.

Again, innovation creates a superior service.

We do what we do, so you can go do what you do

Our value proposition for Website File Integrity Monitoring is that we’ll watch your website files so you can go back to your normal activities.

In our new dashboard, you’ll be able to selectively determine which websites you want to be notified for and the level of detail included.

For instance, you could set the level of notification for “all file modifications” on  “must-have” websites. This means you will get notified every time any file is changed or added on those websites, and whether the change or addition is safe or malicious.

We can separate this even on shared hosting accounts with multiple websites. (Innovation rules!)